Le Cougar Clique

It’s Roarsome!


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The first DeFi Integrated NFT Collection on Solana. Le Cougar Clique is a partnership project by Cyclos and Solatars that expands the Cyclos ecosystem beyond the realm of purely DeFi-based products into the NFT space. By tying together the utility of Le Cougar Clique NFTs with the Cyclos platform, the team behind the project aims to explore innovative new use cases for NFTs in the DeFi market together with the Cougar Community.

An integral piece of the Cyclos Ecosystem


Le Cougar Clique is deflationary by nature. 25% of CycloSwap platform fees for the first 3 months after the minting event will go toward a biweekly Cougar Cull (i.e. burn event). The more Cougar holders who utilize CycloSwap to swap tokens, the more Cougars will be culled, further decreasing the supply of Cougars in the wild. In addition, 15% of the royalty fees captured each time a Cougar is sold will also go toward the bi-weekly Cull.

To close the loop, a quarter of all royalty fees will be used during each cull to purchase CYS tokens and stake them in CYS liquidity pools for set period determined by the DAO, contributing to the liquidity of the token.

By linking the utility of the Cougar Clique and Cyclos, our aim is to foster a virtuous cycle between the two communities. As the Cyclos ecosystem continues to expand, so too will the utility cases for the Cougars. Our intent behind founding the Cougar Den (the DAO behind the project) is for the community to collaborate on developing further use cases as the project evolves.

Le Cougar Clique holders will also be eligible for future airdrops from our partner projects.

Le Cougar Clique


Claw your way into DeFi

Cougarnomics link each Cougar in the Clique to Cyclos, a Solana-based DeFi protocol with a rapidly expanding ecosystem.

Cougar Cull

Both 15% of Cougar Royalty Fees and 25% of Cycloswap fees are used to buy and burn cougars thus making the supply deflationary.

Cougar Den

A DAO for cougar holders will be formed – The DAO will collaborate on developing additional utilities for the cougars.


Cougar holders will be eligible for future airdrops from partner projects and protocols.

Deepen $CYS liquidity

25% of the Cougar royalty fees will also be used to buy $CYS (The Cyclos native token) and deposit it to the staking pool to deepen the liquidity.


Execute the inaugural Cougar Cull 2 weeks after the minting event.
Further integration of future Cyclos platform mechanics into Cougarnomics.
Creation of the Cougar Pool: Le Cougar Clique is partnered with Solvent, a leading NFT liquidity platform on Solana, allowing Cougars to be tokenized to enhance the liquidity of the collection and allow for more efficient price discoverability.
V2 airdrop: Cougar Clique Holders will receive an airdrop of the V2 version of Le Cougar Clique NFTs.
Future airdrops from partner projects: Cougar holders are eligible for airdrops of future launches from our partner projects.

The Team

King Cougar

Leads the Cougar Clique community from his throne.

Crafty Cougar

Spreads the message of the Cougars to the world, coordinates cats behind the scenes.

Cryptic Cougar

Creates and maintains the code that underlies the Cougars

asked Questions

When will the minting event for Le Cougar Clique be held?
Details on this will follow shortly. Please join our Discord and follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates.
What role does CYS token play in Cougarnomics?

25% of royalty fees from the sale of each Cougar will be used to purchase CYS tokens (and a corresponding counter asset i.e. USDC) from the market, and lock them in a liquidity pool for a period of time determined by the DAO. Locking them in a liquidity pool serves, firstly, to deepen CYS liquidity, and, secondly, to effectively remove tokens from the market.

Why launch Le Cougar Clique now?
NFTs are a significant development in the cryptospace. They represent a unique opportunity to develop new incentive mechanisms for existing DeFi platforms. Further, they foster a sense of belonging, identity, and ownership that goes beyond the capability of holding tokens. We believe NFTs will play an even more important role in the growth of decentralized finance, and so there is no better time than now to launch Le Cougar Clique, which expands the incentive structure of the Cyclos platform.

What is

Cyclos is an automated market maker product suite centred around its key product innovation – the first concentrated liquidity market maker built on Solana. The product composes with Serum in addition to its own liquidity pools, to balance access to a large order flow with the advantages of protocol native liquidity. Cyclos aims to provide the deepest and most capital efficient liquidity on the Solana network. The end result of this combination is lower price impact trades and higher returns to liquidity providers.
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